Company History

The original focus of the company was exporting U.S. mined coking coal to global consumer steelmakers.  However, dramatic changes in the global coal market in the late 1990’s, combined with the restructuring and deregulation in the U.S. electric power generation industry, were the impetus for ECI to not only add coal imports on behalf of U.S. power companies, but also to expand its role to source high quality, low cost thermal coal to consumers in Europe and the U.S.

In addition to selling coal, ECI manages various activities in the logistics chain for particular transactions, which include:  vessel freight contract negotiation, barging, terminal services, and trucking to the ultimate end user.

The professional team at ECI has been involved in nearly all facets of the coal industry for an average of 25 years, which allows them to draw on that history and expertise to solve fuel supply issues.

In an environment of electronic, index-based price discovery, there remains value to understanding the grass roots of the global coal market; from mining and transport, to financing and quality control, while maintaining competitively priced supply to its customers.

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